The brides of bluebeard (2016 - 2017)

Melds cabaret and storytelling to examine male coercion and violence and female agency, but always with a light touch… Hugely enjoyable... It’s an evening that invokes monsters and makes mock of them.
— The Guardian
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The bear is getting married. Again. And all of his previous wives have a habit of dying mysteriously... This is the folk tale Bluebeard re-wired for 2016. It's about control, female transgression and the consequences of both. With jokes. Through original songs and the music of Nick Cave, Amy Winehouse and Rage Against the Machine, four women tell you a disturbingly familiar story. Are you sitting comfortably?

The Brides Of Bluebeard is written by The Ruby Dolls, with original music and arrangements written by the company.

This production is funded with the help of Arts Council England.

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tour dates autumn 2016

  • September 13th (Preview) Oso arts centre, Barnes.

  • September 14th (Preview) Oso arts centre, Barnes.

  • september 16th (press night) hightide festival, suffolk

  • september 24th (Press night) 'Calm Down Dear' festival 2016, camden people's theatre, central London

  • september 25th 'Calm Down Dear' festival 2016, camden people's theatre, central London

  • september 29th shoreditch town hall, east london

  • September 30th shoreditch town hall, east london

  • october 1st Paines Plough's Roundabout theatre, lincoln

  • October 6th old joint stock theatre, Birmingham

  • october 8th stafford gatehouse theatre, stafford

  • october 22nd st James Theatre, central London


  • march 2nd jw3 centre, North london.


Watch the trailer:


Listen to 3 tracks from The Brides Of Bluebeard:


the bridal party

Copywright Russell Turner


The Singer: Rebecca Shanks

The Countess: Tara Siddall

The Muse: Susanna Fiore

The Journalist: Jessica Sedler


On Piano: Benjamin Cox

‘The Bear’ Voiced by: Iain Johnstone



Director: Iain Johnstone

Music Director: Benjamin Cox

Stage Manager: Roshan Conn

Associate Producer: Suzie Kirk Dumitru

PR: Mobius Industries

Touring Sound Equipment: Terra Firma Sound

Graphics: Colin Gordon

MAIN SHOT Photo: Greg Veit

What happens on tour stays on tour... and then gets put on video...

Production Shots: Russell Turner

Video Trailer: Jack Shanks








This production would not be possible without the support of the following wonderful people:

Riverside Studios, LAMDA, James Pigeon, Jack Shanks, Greg Veit, Sarah Dickinson, Anne & Domenico Giustiniani, Peter & Ena Siddall, Battersea Family Butchers, Andy Greenwood, Richard Giustiniani, Dale Fincham, Vanessa Stone, Imogen Bond, Colin Gordon, James Albrecht, Brian Logan, Derrick Gask, Karl Steele & Adam Lacey, Craig Morrow, sarah sigal, Lisa Ross, Susannah Sedler, Jules & Judith at The Nursery, Russell Turner & Andy Burgess.


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