The Ruby Dolls

Jess Doll 

Jess Doll is a geek. A geek with a smile and a need to impress. You'll be safe in her manicured hands because Jess is always prepared, prepared, prepared; like a girl guide. But grown up and sexy… Like her heroes Emma Watson and Tintin; she'd love to be brave and in charge, but it's hard at the top with those opposing Doll voices. She likes helping people, solving problems and taking minutes; really she's a stage manager. In red lipstick. And she's got things to say about the world, if only she completely understood them herself. Life gets confusing! The Dolls have to help her, but when they get involved, shows seem to derail... if only they just stuck to the plan! 

Jessica Sedler trained at LAMDA and was the spotlight prize nominee for her year. Numerous theatre credits include performing in the West End, at the Old Vic, and touring Shakespeare around Europe.  She started singing in madrigal choirs at a young age and is currently excited to be learning Joni Mitchell songs on the guitar. She is a trained communications skills facilitator which comes in handy when working with the other Dolls. 


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Susie Doll is a rebel without a cause. Well, sometimes she’s a rebel with every cause. Too many causes in fact! She wants to change the world, all of it, NOW! Except she’s never quite sure how to do that… But she’s got plenty of punk spirit. And big boots. Heels won’t help her when the revolution comes… She has a lust for life, and her impulsiveness means the other Dolls never quite know what mischief she’ll cause next. Except when she’s skulking cynically at the back of the stage being a bit goth. She likes grunge and glam rock and wants to BE David Bowie. She’s Ziggy Stardust in a dress. Come, rise proletariat and join her revolution!


Susanna Fiore trained at LAMDA. As an actor, the places she’s most enjoyed performing are The National Theatre, The Lyric Hammersmith, The BAC, an underground tunnel and a disused abattoir. On TV she has worked for companies including the BBC and ITV. Susanna is also a voice over artist, her record thus far is recording eight characters in one morning. She is also a Pilates teacher. Passionate about movement, she provides most of The Ruby Dolls’ choreography.



Becca Doll is a child of the forests and fields. She speaks to the animals, particularly birds, who do her bidding with ease. She dances naked in the moonlight, though if it is chilly, will don a soft gauzy cotton, woven by woodland nymphs. Her mother was a Princess and her father a Pirate - and as such she has a small obsession with treasure. She is a druid priestess, but one who has a fierce interest in all other cultures – especially ancient ones. And especially if those cultures contain rugged Roman Centurions who might carry her off on their gloriously glossy steeds… She is exceptionally clever, though her common sense is somewhat lacking. She is also Anne Boleyn reincarnated. 


Rebecca Shanks trained at The Oxford School of Drama and has spent much of her professional life in a corset. Favourite performances include The Rover (Southwark Playhouse) Ripper (Wilton's Music Hall) Don Giovanni (Soho Theatre). She sings throughout the UK and Europe with companies including; Opera Up Close, The Rebel Chorus (Our Gay Wedding The Musical, Channel 4 and The London Requiem, BBC) and Sprezzatura. 


T doll

T Doll is a bombshell. She's from a time where women wore furs and men laid down cloaks over puddles... but without the sexism, obviously. She is descended from a Russian Tsar and a Gypsy. She is interested in absolutely everyone, (unless they are ugly) and thinks we should be charming to everyone (except the stupid people) and dreams of being ravished by an Italian on a horse/ by a lake/ in the back of a car... anywhere really. She feels it is important to share her inner light with the mortals to brighten their drab lives. It would be cruel to deny them her love, as surely that is why they came to the show in the first place?


Tara Siddall trained at LAMDA. She completed her Masters in Poetry last year. She has sung at venues such as the Albert Hall and Cape Town Cathedral and as an actor has worked with devising companies: Finger in the Pie, Offstage Theatre and The Heritage Arts Company, and even made it to the West End playing Cherie Blair in Blair on Broadway. Tara is also a language teacher specialising in voice and pronunciation.